Arizona Board Game Championship

Arizona Game Fair 2019 will bring the crowning of the first ARIZONA BOARD GAME CHAMPION.

How it will work: Players will play in any of the Arizona Game Fair tournaments through out the weekend. The top players of each tournament will be awarded points based on the weight of the game. On Sunday, the 16 players with the MOST tournament points will play a single elimination semi-final. The top four finalists will play for the Championship trophy. Read the detailed rules below. There is NO cost to enter this year.

Rules and Regulations

Game Rules: Rules for tournament games will follow the rules as written, accounting for any official errata or official FAQ clarifications.  Starting player will be chosen by die roll. Games will be limited by time.

Time Limit: Game slots will be chosen based on recommended play time, games that run over will have 10 minutes to finish.  Any games that do not finish in 10 minutes will be stopped and scored. Players are expected to take their turns in a timely manner to keep the games moving.  

Game Completion: All games must be played until normal completion unless all involved players agree to end the game early.

Game Start: Tournament games will start once every player has arrived or 5 minutes after the designated start time, whichever is first.  Once the game begins, no additional players will be allowed into the games.

Abuse: If players are determined to be abusing the system, i.e. drawing out turns to win via time limit, all their points will be forfeit for the current game and they will be issues a warning.  Repeated abuse will forfeit all points and possible participation in the Championship.

Learning The Game: Players are expected to be familiar with the rules of the games they will be playing.  The games will be available to check out from Game Central for players who wish view the rules or practice.

Qualifier Rounds: All tournaments at the Arizona Game Fair will count as qualifying rounds for the Arizona Board Game Championship, and will award the players points

Entry Fee: There is no fee to compete

Rewards: Each tournament game will provide a prize to the winner(s).  

Entry into the Championship: Players will accrue points for each game they play, based on final place, and game length.  The 16 players with the highest scores will form the Elite 16 and participate in the Championship.  This means even if you do not take first in a qualifier, you may still make it to the final rounds.

Points will be awarded as follows:

1 hour5 points4 points2 points1 point
1.5 hour7.5 points6 points3 points1.5 points
2 hour10 points8 points4 points2 points

Entry into the Championship is optional, if any of the Elite 16 cannot, or do not wish to participate a replacement will be chosen from the players with the next highest point values.  

Ties till be resolved with a game of Kuzushi.   

The Championship:

Rounds: The finals will consist of two rounds, the semi-finals and the final.  Each round will be single elimination, with no points awarded. The winners of the semi-finals will face off in the final match to claim the title of Arizona Board Game Champion.  

Game Selection:  The four different semi-final games will be chosen from the tournament games and will be announced two weeks before the Arizona Game Fair.  The final game will be chosen by the player who won a semi-final with the highest point total from among the semi-final games.