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Arizona Game Fair runs other events during the year. These events are game nights and other special events. Those events are posted on our Meetup.com page.

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Game nights and gatherings

Arizona Game Fair Game Night
Tuesdays in Tempe.

Bookmans Tabletop Game Night
Monthly game night at Bookmans in Mesa.

Phoenix Game Makers Guild
Monthly game meetup for tabletop game designers.

Tabletop Traders
Buy, sell, trade at this monthly Saturday board game flea market.

Game Masters Happy Hour
Come meet and have an adult beverage with RPG players.

Special Events

Arizona Game Fair at Game On Expo – Aug 10, 11, 12
We’re bringing 300+ board and card games from the Arizona Game Fair library to Game On Expo for you to play on 20 open tables. Save $10 on full badges by using the code ‘azgamefair’ at checkout.

Extra Life with Arizona Game Fair – Nov 3
Join our team and help us raise money for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. More details to come.

Arizona Game Fair Library Day – January 19
Join us for a special game day to celebrate the Arizona Game Fair game library.

Arizona Game Fair – March 29 – 31
Our main event. The Arizona Game Fair is the largest tabletop gaming convention in Arizona. The three day event will be held March 29 – 31 at the Mesa Convention Center.

Phoenix Fan Fusion – May 23 – 26
Arizona Game Fair returns to Phoenix Fan Fusion to bring you the very best of open and scheduled tabletop gaming.