Kill Team Tournament

Bring your painted Warhammer 40k Kill Team squad for a six round tournament of champions. Your roster will compete on varied terrain boards to complete missions against your opponent(s) to see whose elite squad is the best.

Singles Tournament
10AM, Saturday March 30.
Be on time and ready to battle for a fun six round tournament.  There will be a lunch break after round three which will also be when your Kill Team can participate in the painting competition. The final round will end at 6PM. After the last round placing and awards will be given out.

Doubles Tournament
9AM, Sunday March 31.
Please arrive with your teammate on time. Both of your teams must be Battle Brothers. If you do not have a partner we will try to team you up with another single player as long as your forces can be Battle Brothers. This will be a six round tournament with a lunch break after round three. The final round will end at 4PM which places and prizes will be announced afterwards.

COST: $5

For information and rules of conduct please read below.

Kill Team Command Roster

Every player must create a Command Roster of 3-20 models totaling no more than 200 points including
one commander. All kill teams must share a Faction keyword and each kill team must always have one

Each round you will have five minutes to assemble your Kill Team based on the point allocation
of the mission.

Experience Points gained during each round cannot be applied to leveling up your squad, meaning
once your Command Roster has been created the skills you have assigned your specialists will not
change between rounds.

Things You Are Required to Bring

  • Three copies of your Command Roster
  • Cards (Objective, Data, etc.)
  • Dice & Tokens
  • Miniatures (WYSIWYG) and minimum three color painted
  • A Physical Copy of the Rulebooks


Environmental tables will not be used during the missions.  Tables will also be non-symmetrical set-ups.

Besides your opponent players must adapt to the terrain features on the tabletop.  Terrain cannot be rearranged by players during the event. Deployment zones will be provided per scenario.


Players will muster their Kill Teams and Arena Objectives as per page 18 in Kill Team Arena resource book.

Tournament Structure

Players needs to follow the Tournament Structure rules on pages 58-60 in the Kill Team Arena resource book.

Painted Kill Teams

All Kill Teams must have a three color minimum on all models.  Painted models must also be equipped with the items that are written on their Data Cards.

During the lunch break players can display their 100 point Kill Team on the table for review of best painted team. A best painted award will be given alongside the Kill Team Champions.

Doubles Tournament

All of the rules posted above apply to the doubles tournament. You and your teammate must have factions that apply to one Battle Brother Keyword. If you do not have a teammate you may be teamed up with another player depending on your Battle Brother Keyword.

Hosted by Mechanical Warhorse

Mechanical Warhorse