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Each year we host a board game no ship math trade. What is a math trade? Basically, you put together a list of game you have to trade and games you want. That information is processed by a computer to determine the best way for everyone to get what they want. More information is posted below on getting involved.

What is it?

A math trade is an exchange of games between a whole bunch of people at once, using an algorithm (such as used by TradeMaximizer) to decide who should send their game to whom. Because of the algorithm used, you can only get a game you prefer over what you started with. (Or at worst, you may just keep your original game; i.e. it doesn’t trade.)

Important Links:

Math Trade GeekList – Start here

New to a math trade? See the following page for information: 
Math Trade Wiki

Request List for Math Trade: Put the items you’d like to see others offer in the Math Trade here!
Request/Want List

Discussion Thread for 2018 Arizona Game Fair No Ship Math Trade: 
Discussion Thread

Key Dates and Times:

Game Submissions Open: NOW!

Game Submissions Due: Monday Jan 29th, 2018 at 8PM MST

Online Want List Submissions Due: Monday, Feb 5th, 2018 at 8 PM MST

Meetup to Exchange Games: Feb 10th – 11 AM @ Arizona Game Fair in Building A

Submission Format:

All posted items should have the following format so it is clear what is being traded:

Condition: This should be described as accurately as possible. If games are not in shrink, please inventory them to ensure all pieces are present or list out which ones are missing. Do not assume all pieces are there!

Language: Language of the item / language independence of components.

Edition/Publisher/Year: The edition, publisher and/or year of the item.

Comments: Any misc. comments about the item. Bonus items / sweeteners / etc.


d10-1 Use of the On-Line Want List Generator (OLWLG) http://bgg.activityclub.org/olwlg/ is required for this event.

d10-2 Only traders who are attending the Arizona Game Fair may enter. You will be physically handing these games to their new owners. This is a NO SHIP math trade. 

d10-3 The exchange will take place at 11 AM on Saturday, Feb 10th at the Arizona Game Fair in Building A. 

d10-4 As always, I will have my list and attempt to coordinate an orderly exchange of all the games from top to bottom. It normally goes pretty fast and we’ve had great success with this in the past. If for some reason it turns out you won’t be at the game fair it is your responsibility to coordinate meeting up with the individuals you must give and/or receive games from.

d10-5 I ask that you please send me your cell number if you make any trades. This will be used to coordinate if something goes wrong. I promise not to abuse your trust by signing you up for robocalls, pledge drives, etc.

d10-6 You must accurately describe your games condition, language, publisher, etc. If you neglect to mention a defect or missing piece the onus is on YOU to solve the problem to the new owner’s satisfaction. Some people are collectors more than gamers and are very particular about condition. White corners or a creased instruction manual might not bother you but it could very well bother the person getting it, so BE SPECIFIC. 

d10-7 If you discover, after posting an item, that it is missing something or is somehow different than your post would suggest, then please edit it to say “Item Removed” and re-post it.

d10-8 I reserve the right to remove games from the list for whatever reason. If you are on the bad traders list, your games will be removed.

d10-9 For the first time I’m going to try opening this math trade up to non-gaming items. You can trade for Giftcards, Geek Gold, Dvds, etc.

Most of all this is going to be fun. Please approach it with the spirit of friendliness and cooperation. We all love this hobby and love sharing games with others. This math trade is an opportunity to find new homes for the games you have outgrown!

You are responsible for knowing these rules. Any violation of the rules may result in disqualification from this trade and future trades.

About Math Trades / Want Lists:

coffee You can start creating your want lists any time after the start of the event. But remember to double check everything once submissions have closed in case anything has changed. 

tobacco Please note that it’s best to work on your want lists and submit them early – you can always make changes and resubmit later. This will prevent you from being left out if you forget the deadline.

indigo Remember that you may have saved your want lists, but they have NOT been submitted until you have pressed the green button in step 4 and received a confirming Geekmail.

sugar You are not obliged to trade anything you put up for offer. If you offer a game, but see nothing that you are willing to accept for it in trade, you can submit a blank want list for that game and it will not trade.

corn If, however, you do submit a want list for a game, then it is expected that you will honor any trade that the TradeMaximizer comes up with. 

colonist You will not receive anything you did not list as acceptable for the game(s) you have offered, so it is important to check your want lists when they are posted publicly (see above dates), to correct any errors.

Deadline-Offers: Monday, Jan 29th, 2018, 8:00 PM MST
Deadline-Wants: Monday, Feb 5th, 2018, 8:00 PM MST

Trade Maximizer Settings:
Triangle Priorities
Iterations: 100
Seed: 654321