Mega Dungeon: Sanctum of the Sun Devil

We are partnering with the Arizona State University’s Adventurers Wanted group to present Sanctum of the Sun Devil, a multi-table role-playing mega dungeon.

When: Sunday, 9am – 1pm

Where: RPG Room

You have been contracted from the Guild to finally infiltrate the magical demesne of the sorcerers who have been plaguing the kingdom. The gathered group of adventurers had to be so large due to the severity of the problem and the complexity of the manor. The Sorcerers of Sun Devil Keep have almost finished their ritual to merge the astral and material planes in order to increase their control over the weave of magic. You adventurers must launch simultaneous attacks on their ever changing mansion full of living creatures, moving walls, and devious traps.

This adventure is for up to 30 (Level 4) adventurers who will have to work together to defeat clever enemies and solve complex puzzles.

Great for beginners and veterans a like. It is presented by Arizona State University’s Adventurers Wanted.

This will be played on 5 tables of 6 players each, with a table for an astral plane and another for dead players to continue the adventure.