The Reclamation of Phlan

Adventurer’s League Charity Epic benefitting Children’s Phoenix Hospital

For too long, the Maimed Virulence has held Phlan in its grasp. The factions have begun to muster and sounded the call to battle throughout the Moonsea. Allies new and old will be called upon to aid in their attempts to reclaim the ancient town. Are you one of the few bold enough to answer the call to battle?

We have partnered with Gateway Games and Phoenix Children’s Hospital to bring a Charity Epic of colossal proportions to Arizona Game Fair! Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League epic “The Reclamation of Phlan” will feature 10 tables simultaneously playing one large adventure as they take on challenges for tier 1-3. This is a 4 hour adventure for levels 1-16, and will seat up to 60 players cooperating to assure victory.

WHEN: Saturday, March 30, 2-6pm
WHERE: Main RPG (Building B)

There is a $5 donation to join.

If you find yourself in a bind, you may purchase inspiration for $1 per roll to help turn the tides against the hordes of evil.

All proceeds from this charity event will go to benefit Phoenix Children’s Hospital, so join us for this legendary event and help a great cause!