Arizona Game Fair main gaming floor 2019.

Arizona's premier tabletop gaming event is BACK!

March 10-13, 2022 - Mesa Convention Center

Arizona Game Fair is excited to announce that we are BACK! Our 2022 show will be held March 10-13 at the Mesa Convention Center. We know you have questions about safety, volunteering, badges, credits, booths and such. We are working out the answers to those questions and will post them here in the coming months. We are excited to game with you again and are hoping you will be able to join us.

Game and panel submissions are OPEN....

We have opened submissions for Arizona Game Fair 2022. We are looking for submissions for: Role-playing games and LARPS, Board and card games, Miniatures, Panels – live play, podcasts, other events. Attendees that run games will be given free badges based on the hours of gaming they provide.

Volunteers needed..

Want to help run the Fair while earning a t-shirt and badges. We need people to help us at the library, registration, game central, tournaments, RPGs, miniatures, paint station and more. 

The library at Arizona Game Fair 2019.
Checkout and play one of our 1,000+ board games.
A photo showing the paint station at Arizona Game Fair 2019
Take a class at our miniatures painting station.
Gamers playing Wingspan at Arizona Game Fair

Board games

Bring your own game or play one of the 1,000s of games in our board game library. We also provide scheduled games where you can signup to learn how to play. 

Arizona Game Fair hosts role playing games.

Role-playing games

Signup to lead or play a wide-variety of role-playing games set in all kinds of genres and worlds using systems like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Star Wars and more. Indie games welcome. 

Gamers play in a Pitch Car tournament at Arizona Game Fair

Special events

From tournaments to special game events, Arizona Game Fair is host to hundreds of cool opportunities to play fun and engaging games, including our favorite Pitch Car.

Gamers taking a selfie at Arizona Game Fair

Lots to do for the entire family...

  • Board games
  • Tabletop role-playing games
  • Learn to play
  • Miniatures
  • Trading card games including Magic the Gathering
  • Special guests
  • Tournaments
  • Vendor hall
  • Miniatures painting classes
  • Game design workshops
  • Concessions & Food trucks
  • Play to win games
  • Kids games and events

Arizona's Largest Warhammer Tournaments

Graphic for Mortal March, an Age of Sigmar GT hosted at the Arizona Game Fair.

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