Arizona Game Fair 2020 has been rescheduled to September 4-7 at the Mesa Convention Center. This is Labor Day weekend, and yes, we’ve added an extra day. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will operate from 8am – 11pm. Monday we will be open from 8am – 5pm.

We recognize these dates won’t work for everyone, but it was our best option from those presented. We hope the world is in a better place by then. We are also aware that there are other events close to, and on that date. It was not our intention to make you choose between us and them, so we support your decisions.

So what now?

Tabletop Events is working on a feature to their system to help us facilitate your transfers and refunds. This is an ongoing process and will take some time. They don’t have a date for the roll out. That said, there is no need to contact us. We will be reaching out to each attendee as we know more. Here are the options we are working on.

New badges
Badges for the new event will go on sale as soon as we work things out with Tabletop Events. As we are moving to a 4 day event, the prices will be slightly higher than they were. More details to come.

Transfer, Credit or Donate
Everyone transferring a badge to the new event will get an extra day for free. A full badge will get your 4 days. A weekend badge will get you 3 days. A day badge will get your 2 days. It’s our gift for supporting us. We will also be offering credits for those who can’t attend in September, but would be interested in a future Arizona Game Fair event. And as people have asked, you can also donate your badge to help keep us operating.

Everyone who wants a refund will get one, but it may take some time. We need to process them through Tabletop Events as we have paid fees on the purchases. Also, much of our cash is tied up in deposits for this year and the next. We will start refunding money in the order we received it.

We will be reaching out about your availability for the new dates and your options.

The Delta Hotel next to the Mesa Convention Center is working on new group room rates. We will post them as soon as we have them.

We have already started the process of rescheduling our events. Our Scorched Earth Open and Mortal March tournaments will run as planned on September 5-6.

Game Masters and Volunteers
We don’t have an understanding of how will handle game submissions and volunteers. Please just know we will be in contact. You are important to us.

We are working to secure guests for the event. As you can imagine, this is complicated right now given the uncertainty.

What does this all mean for the Arizona Game Fair?
Honestly? Things are not looking good. Like many small businesses, we rely on your financial support through badge sales, exhibitor booths and more.

Almost all of the money you give us is put back into the show. Over the last four years we have bought thousands and thousands of dollars of games for our library. We have bought paints and supplies for our miniatures painting classes, and cameras to stream our tournaments. This year we purchased some computers so we can move toward a better digital experience.

We also try to bring in guests that normally don’t visit Arizona. That is expensive.

Our biggest expense by far is space. By this summer, we will have more than $25,000 in deposits held by the convention center for this year and next. Every show we miss or postpone is a lost opportunity to pay our expenses and improve the show.

Our plan has always been long term. And while we had prepared somewhat for a recession, we were not prepared for total social isolation. I’m not sure how we pivot if our September show is not successful.

How can you help?
Stay safe. Keep telling your friends about our show. Keep running games and helping at the show. Keep buying badges. If we make it, we make it together.

Looking forward to playing games with you.

Arizona Game Fair

If you have more questions contact us at