Hello gamers.

As we began planning the new event in September, we hit a pretty big snag.

In an effort to minimize financial problems, the City of Mesa have shut down many of their facilities through October, including the Library and Art Center. While they have not included the Convention Center, they could not guarantee to us that they wouldn’t.

As you can imagine it is very difficult to plan an event when the facility may not be even be open. With this new reality, we have made the difficult decision to cancel Arizona Game Fair for 2020.

All purchased badges will automatically be rolled over to the 2021 event to be held March 11-14 at the Mesa Convention Center.

Volunteer and GM badges will be cancelled and recalculated when we open those up again later in the year. Pre-ordered t-shirts will be mailed to buyers. We will also reach out to exhibitors with their options.

If you would like a refund, please fill out this form by May 15.


As you can imagine, much of the money you gave us is tied up in event deposits, library games, and equipment — the basic costs of running the show. We will refund everyone who requests one, but it may just take some time to do so.

We appreciate your patience.

How can you help?

Rolling over your badge is the best option for us. It keeps us in business and able to plan for the 2021 show.

We will also be allowing for the transfer or donation of your 2020 badge. This will help us with upcoming expenses as we go into the new year. If you know that is an option for you, please tell us by using the form above.

For those wanting to support us beyond that, we will have some items for sale on our website.

T-shirts We have a limited number of 2019 and 2020 t-shirts available. They come in a variety of sizes. We will not be reprinting these, so don’t miss out. Buy Here

Thank You Party We will also be selling the physical copies of our 2020 badges for $10. The sale of the badges will not only help provide us with some revenue to pay refunds, and cover expenses, but will be your entry pass to a private Thank You Party we will be throwing at the 2021 Arizona Game Fair. The event will have special guests, food, drinks, swag and prizes as a thank you for helping us through this time. The badge will be mailed to you. Buy Here

Shop for both at azgfstaging.wpengine.com/shop

Thank you for your support of our show. We look forward to gaming with you next year.