Board Games

Open Gaming

The Arizona Game Fair will have a large open gaming area. Gamers can use this area to play games they brought or games they have borrowed out of the library

1. The open gaming area is first come, first serve.

2. Demoing games is fine, but no banners or signs are allowed on the tables. No squatting. If you aren’t play, please leave the area.

3. We want you to have fun, but please be courteous to your neighbors.

4. Please return “Players Wanted” or “Teacher Wanted” signs.

5. No outside food.

Scheduled Gaming

We are now accepting submissions for scheduled board games and miniatures.


How to find people to play a game with?
There are several ways to find people to game with. People will be coordinating games on Board Game Geek. These are games that will take place in the open gaming area. There will also be signs in the gaming area that gamers can use to show they are looking for gamers. There will also be a message board in the game library that will allow people to leave messages about games they want to play.

Can I bring my own games?
Yes. Many people bring their own games to the Fair. There is usually space around the open gaming area to leave bags while you play. Gamers are responsible for their own games.