Thank you for running games at Arizona Game Fair.

Whether you’re leading a party of dwarves through a dangerous dungeon, flinging meeples around a cardboard city, or bluffing your way to the top of a cool card game; you are bringing valuable experiences to players that they will value for years to come.

In order to ensure that the convention runs smoothly, we would like to share the following code of conduct that will allow both players and GMs to maximize their fun at Arizona Game Fair.

Arizona Game Fair is an inclusive event.
No forms of discrimination or harassment against any persons or groups will be tolerated. Similarly, any form of threat will result in immediate expulsion from the event. Remember that we are here to play games and have fun. Report any issues immediately to an Arizona Game Fair staff member.

Be friendly and welcoming.
Sometimes all a player needs is a smile and an invitation to sit down in order to overcome their anxieties. Please make an active effort to include and invite people to play your game, promote it fairly, and help assimilate them into the play group. Also, please be aware of those around you. Some games may have children in them, so standing on the table shouting about an orcs severed bloody head oozing with pus may not be appropriate. Please do not disparage any games, groups, or businesses to your players.

Watch The Clock.
You should be seated and ready to go at the start time of your game. Players should be given up to 5 minutes after the start time to arrive. If you do not have enough players to make the game enjoyable, you should attempt to help seated players find another game that’s starting. If, after 15 minutes you have no players for your game, it is acceptable to assume that it won’t be going off and cancel the event. If this is the case, please leave a note on your table indicating that the game has been cancelled. If your game is running long, you may need to abruptly cut it off in order to allow the next game/event to be seated on time. If there is no game scheduled after yours, please feel free to run as long as you need to.

First-come, first-served.
For scheduled RPG events, sign-ups will first be available online. Each sign-up sheet will allow for your preferred number of players, plus alternates. If you have a full sheet, it is up to you as the GM to determine how many alternates you may add to your game. Walk-ups are allowed, but scheduled players and alternates should be given first seating. It is ultimately up to the GM to decide how many players the game is suitable for. Players seated on time are given first priority. If you have more players arrive than available seats, please assist the extra players with finding another game to join.

Bring what you need.
You will be expected to bring whatever you and your players may need to play your game. Please make arrangements in advance to use games from the library. Likewise, for RPGs, character sheets, pencils, and dice should be provided to players. Limited supplies will be available at the support table.

Keep it clean.
Please police your gaming table/area for trash and personal items after you’ve finished. Arizona Game Fair and staff will not be responsible for lost or stolen items, and will not be available to safeguard your personal items. Lost and Found items should be given to game central. GMs are expected to maintain basic hygiene and to remain sober while running games. No illegal substances are allowed at Arizona Game Fair.

Let Us Help You.
Representatives from Arizona Game Fair will be available to assist you in any reasonable way. Points of contact include the registration, information, library, and RPG support table. AZGF volunteers will be easily identifiable by their t-shirts and can help you locate the appropriate resource.

No outside food or drinks.
The Mesa convention center will provide concessions, and there are many nearby restaurants to eat at. Personal snacks or medically necessary food items are fine, but we cannot order pizza or bring in fast food to the convention hall. This is not just an Arizona Game Fair policy, this is a Mesa Convention Center policy, and we appreciate your compliance so that we will be invited back for future events. Failure to abide by this policy will result in appropriate escalation.

Conflict Resolution.
Arizona Game Fair Staff will resolve all issues. If a Code of Conduct violation or conflict arises, or a disagreement between yourself and a guest, or two or more guests; please contact a member of the Arizona Game Fair staff immediately to help resolve the issue. Possible actions may be a warning to the person or persons involved, removal from an event/game, up to revoking individuals’ guest passes to the event. We have a zero tolerance policy for fighting, harassment, or discrimination.

Use the X-card.
Use of the X-card for all RPGs is highly recommended.  When gaming in mixed company, it can be difficult to anticipate the types of themes or situations that may be detrimental to a player’s (or GM’s) experience. In order to ensure that everyone has a chance to opt out if things get too heavy, and to protect both GMs and Players, we strongly encourage the use of the X-card. Outside of RPGs, please be respectful to players who express issues with certain themes or conversations.

We appreciate your full cooperation with our Code of Conduct. This list is not all-inclusive and individual situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.