The theme for Arizona Game Fair is and always will be GAMES. We like all kinds of games. Here are some of the games you will find this year.

Open Gaming

We provide a LARGE open gaming area where you play whatever you want. We provide a library of games you can use, or you are welcome to bring your own. We have a few rules for the open gaming area. NO banners or promotions. No squatting. This area is for active play.

Scheduled Gaming

Our scheduled gaming provides a wide variety of board games, RPGs and miniatures. The Valley’s best Game Masters will teach and play games with you. Attendees will be provided a list of scheduled games they can sign up for. We use an electronic signup system. Access will be provided to badge holders in March. Attendees can also sign-up on site for games that aren’t filled up.

Board Games

We bring 800+ board and card games to the Fair. As an attendee, you will be able to check out any of those games to play in our open gaming area. You are also welcome to bring your own games to the Fair. We will have a bag check at game central where you can leave the games if you want to explore the convention or downtown Mesa.

Role-Playing Games

Our RPG area will feature 30 tables of role-playing games. We will also have RPG events and special guests.


We are providing 20 miniature tables for tournaments and other scheduled games.