Game Master’s Smackdown!

Arizona Game Fair is proud to present the Game Masters Smackdown! Six to ten game masters will compete for the coveted title of Ultimate GM, as they weave random story elements to create an adventure unlike any other.

When: To be announced


You will be given three story elements in the form of phrases, words, or pictures to create a story approximately an hour before the event. You may run any system you choose, but understand that you may have to teach players your system if they are unfamiliar. You may bring pre-generated characters for your players to choose from, or you may assist them with character creation during your one-hour preparation time.


You will be seated at a random table to enjoy an adventure that is sure to be entertaining and comedic as your gamemaster attempts to balance their game concept with the story elements they have been given. You and your fellow players will be given one random story element to introduce to try and throw a monkey wrench into your gamemaster’s plans. At the end of the session, you will rate your gamemaster on areas such as use of story elements, creativity, and fun.


One hour prior to event, Game masters need to arrive to pick up their secret story elements. Players will be seated at the end of the preparation period, and you will have 30 minutes to explain the system, aid in character creation if you choose, or help them select from pre-generated characters. Your game should run approximately 3 hours, with two ten minute breaks that will be called out by GM Smackdown officiants. 30 minutes prior to the end of the event, all action will cease and players will be asked to rate their game master and pick an MVP for their table.


Prizes will be awarded to the highest rated game master, and participant awards will be provided for all game masters and players. In the event of a tie for the Ultimate GM crown, a lightning round quiz of gaming systems knowledge will determine the final winner.