Green Shirt Orientation

Thank you for helping make the Arizona Game Fair the best tabletop gaming convention in Arizona and the Southwest. 
Here’s some information about the show to help make your weekend go smoothly. 

Arizona Game Fair Early Badge Pick Up & Happy Hour
12 West Brewery on Main Street in Downtown Mesa.
March 19 from 5-10pm.

Otherwise you can pick up your badge and shirt at the Operations desk near registration. 

Andrew Long
Bianca Peterson
Volunteer Coordinator
Jessica Mitchell


  • Be welcoming and professional with all event guests
  • Be considerate and respectful.
  • Be punctual and reliable.
  • Be observant to help ensure a safe, fun event. 
  • Use discretion when dealing with any grievances, or emergency situations.
  • Ask for help when needed and be willing to help when needed. 


  • Remain calm. 
  • Notify 911 first. Then contact operations.
  • Follow the instructions of EMS personal.
  • Unless it is unsafe to do so, remain on the scene until help arrives.
  • Don’t move the injured person unless there is danger of further harm.

In the event that you must leave the building, evacuate to the grass lawn on the Northeast corner of Center Street and 2nd Street. This is directly West of the B/C building, and South of the A building. 

Please direct people out of the building to this area as best as you can. Help them remain calm. Do not put yourself in danger. Wait at the emergency assembly point for further instruction. Green shirts are asked to stay at this location until a staff member has accounted for every member of the team. 

PARKING – Free parking is available at the Mesa Convention Center throughout the weekend. The lots will get full at various times during the day. Look North of the convention center near University for some often overlooked parking. 


  • Green Shirts must wear the provided event t-shirt at any time they are representing the Arizona Game Fair.
  • Your event badge needs to be visible at all times
  • Please wear comfortable shoes.
  • Clothes cannot be torn, frayed, dirty or revealing. 


  • Please speak with your designated staff member if you need to take an extended break. Please feel free to take restroom breaks as needed.
  • Make sure the area is covered before you step away as to not leave it unattended. 
  • Please do not eat at stations.
  • Smoke only in designated areas. 
  • We allow game playing at the stations, but PLEASE take care of attendees first. Only game when you are not needed. 
Arizona Game Fair strives to create a positive experience for all. If a guest approaches you with a grievance or complaint, please offer to have a staff member speak with them. If there are none around, please contact Operations. 


The Arizona Game Fair is committed to providing a safe event that is free from all forms of harassment. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated and will result in event credentials being revoked and removal from the premise. The Arizona Game Fair will investigate all allegations of harassment and take corrective action.

If approached with an allegation of harassment, contact Operations immediately. Assure the person that we have heard them and are working to investigate the incident. ALL allegations of harassment must be reported. 

The Women’s Only Gaming Area near the main hall is being designated as a safe space.