Miniatures Paint Station

Arizona Game Fair provides a full miniatures paint station. We provide paints and miniatures. The station will also host painting classes, competitions and space for you to paint. Signups for our classes will open March 15th to badge holders. 

Our instructors

Alan O’Bryan – “Gorilla with a Brush” has been painting miniatures for 22 years for a variety of game systems and has been a studio painter for Atlantis Miniatures. He has won several major painting awards including four U.S. Golden Demons, Las Vegas Open Master Craftsman, West Coast Store Wars Best Painter, IPMS Best Figure, and many more. In his day job, Alan is a teacher and curriculum developer.

Mike Wilster has been playing tabletop miniature games for over two decades. Over they years he has learned a lot about painting miniatures and continues to learn new skills today.

Dain Q. Gore is an art professor by day and painter/puppeteer by night. Dain has shown his art all over the world, including China and Meow Wolf, and has lectured at ASU. His art is generally surreal and figural/narrative in nature, which shows up in his hobbies, too: he’s been painting fantasy/sci-fi gaming minis since 1988, and has recently won awards at GenCon and Everchosen. 

Brandy Iridial – Dragon slaying mother of two by day, crafty halfing rogue by night. Brandy is a lifelong art lover. From knitting toys animals for her girls, to painting miniatures and terrain for friends and family, she finds joy in bringing out the beauty in whatever medium she uses. She has been miniature painting for three years, but an art student for life. 

Aaron Killeen has been gaming since middle school with 3rd Edition D&D. By day, Aaron works in public education, but at all other times he is hopelessly addicted to indoctrinating his wife and two kids to RPGs, board games, mini and terrain painting/collecting, and most things geeky. He has won a number of small painting competitions, but mostly paints to get minis and terrain on the table for his RPG and board game sessions

Bo Kimbro found his introduction to art at an early age, with a blend of comic books and Bob Ross videos. When he discovered the hobby of Warhammer, he marveled at the minute details and loved to bring them to life through paint. In 2014, he decided to turn his hobby into a profession and started White Crow Studios, providing high-end commission paintings for table-top miniatures and collectibles, and hasn’t looked back since. 

Tim Kulinski – Long time gamer, long time painter, part time author and game designer as well as owner of Saguaro Painting Service, Tim seems to dabble in many games and settings. You will usually find him at Imperial Outpost Games on Sundays throwing dice and having a good time.

Andrew Spindler started painting miniatures in 2017. Since then, he has taken a number of awards in local painting competitions. Happy to help, he offers assistance and guidance to all who ask and welcomes everyone to the hobby.

Paint station offerings

Adding Effects to Your Miniatures: Lava, Rust, Fire, and More
Adding Effects to Your Miniatures: Metal, Fur, Leather, and More
Adding Decorations to Your Miniatures: Basing and Terrain
Gaslands Garage: Building Models
Gaslands Garage: Weathering Your Models
Introduction to Color Theory for Painting Miniatures and Picking Color Schemes
Learn to Paint Miniatures (Women Only)
Learn to Paint Miniatures
Learn to Paint Your Board Game/RPG Miniatures
Picking and Prepping Miniatures: Getting Started in Painting

Speed Painting
Gasland Car Show – Bring your Gasland cars to be judged. Saturday Noon – 1pm.
Arizona Game Fair Miniatures Contest

Open Painting
We will have an open painting area this year. You can bring your own miniatures and paints to the show. We are working on the schedule and will post it here when it is finished.

Paint the Game Library
Join us as we paint the miniatures in some of the library games. Saturday from 7-9pm.