Miniatures Painting Contest

Competition Rules

All submissions must be turned in by noon on Saturday to the Paint Station in the Main Hall. Volunteers will provide you a receipt for your entry. If you have questions about the entry please visit the miniatures painting area. By submitting models to the competition you are agreeing to the following rules and regulations.

  • You are the person who painted the model, and all painting, basing, and any conversion work was done by you.
  • The model submitted did not win an award in any prior Arizona Game Fair painting competition.
  • You are submitting no more than one entry per category.
  • You must leave your models for display until after the award ceremony. Removing your models from display early will disqualify you from the competition.
  • Models entered may be painted either before or during the convention (so new painters who participate in paint-and-takes or painting classes may submit their work for judging).
  • Arizona Game Fair is a family friendly convention, we reserve the right to refuse any entry due to inappropriate content.
  • While we will take the greatest care of your entry, Arizona Game Fair is not responsible for any lost or damaged miniatures.
  • By entering you agree to allow Arizona Game Fair to use images of your miniature for marketing purposes. 

We will accept entries in these categories:

Arizona Game Fair will accept entries in these categories and award one winner per category. We may award honorable mentions for work that deserves merit.  

Youth division (12 and under)

  • Any model.

Teen division (13 – 17)

  • Any model.

Adult division (18 and older)  

  • Small Single Model – Any single model from any manufacturer up to 75 mm scale human size. (Note that this can include small scale vehicles or busts as well.) Overall base dimensions cannot exceed 4” by 4” with a height not to exceed 8”.
  • Large Monster – Any large single “monster” model from any manufacturer, such as a dragon, giant, griffon, etc. If the monster is a mount, rider(s) are allowed. Base dimensions cannot exceed 8” by 8” with a height not to exceed 12”.
  • Vehicle – Any vehicle model from any manufacturer, such as a tank, airplane, etc. Any scale. Base dimensions should not exceed 10” by 10” with a height not to exceed 12”.
  • Squad or Unit – Any squad or unit of similar models from the same manufacturer. Base dimensions cannot exceed 8” by 8” with a height not to exceed 8”.
  • 54/75+ mm scale models/busts – Any figure from any manufacturer with a scale of 54 mm or more. This includes 75 mm scale models and busts.
  • Diorama – A diorama containing two or more models telling a story. Base dimensions should not exceed 10” by 10” with a height not to exceed 12”. Please note that this is the only category in which basing and scenery will play a part in judging.

Best of Show Award

Arizona Game Fair will award one entry as the “Best of Show.” The winner will also be awarded a cash prize of $100, and 2 badges to the 2021 Arizona Game Fair. 

People’s Choice Award

Our teaching staff will be allowed to enter one miniature for our “People’s Choice Award.” Attendees of the Fair can vote on their favorite. 

The awards ceremony will take place at noon on Sunday. All models must be picked up Sunday by 4pm.