Role-Playing Games


How do I sign up for games?
We are using a digital sign up for games this year. Your badge purchase gives you access. An email will arrive after the schedule is posted. Sign up books will be available for games that go unfilled before the day of the event.

How/Where do I sign up to GM at Arizona Game Fair?
Game submissions will open later in the year.

How/When will I know that my game has been accepted?
We will send out emails to indicate acceptance of games for the schedule, and a final event schedule will be published no later than two weeks before the event.

What can I do if my game is not accepted?
If your game is not accepted for the scheduled RPG events, you may still run your game in the general open gaming area, or at locations within the convention.  We will have an area to advertise your game to help you find players.

Why haven’t I heard from Arizona Game Fair regarding my submissions?
The coordinators of AZGF will make every effort to answer emails in a timely manner. If you have not heard from us, it may mean that your email spam filter is blocking our address. Please check your spam folder and update your email settings.

What should I do if I am unable to run my scheduled game?
Please alert a member of AZGF staff as early as possible so we can make arrangements for your cancellation.  We will make every attempt to accomodate schedule change needs, but AZGF reserves the right to cancel any free passes earned if GMs are unable to meet their agreed upon game schedule.

How can I access the GM Code of Conduct?
A code of conduct for GMs is available here, and will be provided via email before the event.

How many players should I prepare for?
We ask that you prepare to run for up to six players, and encourage you to be flexible. If other games do not have enough players to run, we will attempt to seat extra players with other games.

What age range should I expect for players?
We will have gamers age 5 and up at Arizona Game Fair. Family friendly gaming will be scheduled in the mornings/afternoons, and we will try to schedule more adult games in the evenings. You can set a limit for the age group with the ratings system (PG is all ages, PG-13 is 13 andup, R is 18 and up.) GMs will have final say on the age of players, but we ask that you seek to be as inclusive as possible.

What do I do if too few players show up for my game?
If 15 minutes after your scheduled start time, your game does not have enough players to be entertaining, we ask that you try to help re-seat them in other games if space allows.  Please inform a member of AZGF staff that you are cancelling your game, and leave a note on the table to alert players.

What should I bring with me?
Bring any supplies you need for your game, including character sheets, pencils, and any necessary books, props, or materials.  We will not be able to print materials on site.  We may have loaner dice available for players, but encourage you to bring your own if you are able.

Should GMs bring pre-generated characters?
We strongly encourage GMs to bring pre-generated characters for players.  This will allow you maximum time to tell your story.  Some systems are well suited to quick character creation.

Can I bring my own pre-generated character for a game?
Use of player generated characters will be up to the GMs.

How early should I set up for my game?
We ask that you be seated and ready to run at least 10 minutes before your game start time.

How long should my games run?
We are scheduling 4 hour blocks. Your game may wrap up early, but we ask that you be considerate and not exceed the four hour block, as there may be other events booked for your table.  If there are no events booked after yours, feel free to keep the story going.

How many hours do I need to run for a free pass?
We are asking GMs to run a total of 8 hours for a full badge, and 12 hours for 2 full badges.

Where will games be held?
RPGs will be in the Palo Verde rooms. This room will have about 30 tables for RPGs.

What should I do if I witness poor player, GM, or staff behavior at Arizona Game Fair?
Please report any inappropriate behavior to Arizona Game Fair Staff as soon as you can. AZGF staff will resolve all issues on a case-by-case basis. Poor behavior includes any violation of AZGF policies, and, we have a zero tolerance policy on harassment.

Where are the cheetohs? Can I have a Mountain Dew?
Outside food or drink are not allowed in the convention center at any time. Concessions will be available, and there are several restaurants nearby. This is a policy of the Mesa Convention Center and Arizona Game Fair.  We appreciate your compliance. Water or medically necessary items are acceptable.

What will you do with my email address, phone number, or other personal information collected as part of the sign-up or registration process?
We will use your email address and phone number to contact you regarding Arizona Game Fair. If you sign up for the AZGF newsletter, you will receive early notice of AZGF news and events. We will not sell or supply your information to third parties.

Can I include mature themes in my games?
Generally yes, but we ask that you indicate this in your game rating, (rated R) and will likely schedule these games in the evenings. Use of the X-card or similar mechanic is strongly encouraged if you include mature elements in your games. Games featuring rape, pedophilia, or other extreme themes are not appropriate for Arizona Game Fair. This list is not all inclusive, and any questions you may have about your game content should be emailed to AZGF staff.

What is the X-card?
The X-card is a tool developed by John Stavropoulos that allows both players and GMs to signal discomfort with the way a story is progressing.  More information can be found on the Arizona Game Fair website.

I’ve never tried role-playing games before, can I still play?
Yes!  We will have introductory sessions for new players to delve into the world of role-playing games, and all GMs will be able to teach you the systems for their particular game.

Will I be forced to use silly voices or dress up?
No, tabletop gaming encourages creativity and getting into character, but only as far as you’re comfortable.

I have a homebrew system that I want to demo at Arizona Game Fair, is that cool?
We will accept scheduled games on a case-by-case basis.  If we haven’t heard of your system, we will contact you to get more details.  We love supporting emerging game creators and publishers, but seek to maintain high standards for AZGF players.  The open gaming areas are a good place to test out a new system.

What is a Role-Playing Game? (RPG)
In a Role-playing Game, or RPG for short, players embody characters and make choices in an imaginary world. A Game-master, or GM for short, will flesh out that world with settings, characters, and other details for players to interact with.

What is a Game-master (GM)
Game-master is the term for the person who helps the players understand both the game system and the imaginary world that they interact with. Other names are Storyteller (ST) or Dungeonmaster (DM.)

What is a D6, D10, D20 etc?
Dice are commonly used in RPGs to determine the success or failure of a player’s actions. Different game systems use different dice, such as six-sided D6s, 10 sided D10s, 20 sided D20s, and more. Your GM will be able to help you understand how dice-rolling works for the game you are playing.

What supplies do I need to play role-playing games?
Generally, you will need a character sheet, a pencil, and some dice. Some systems use cards or special dice, so make sure you understand the rules before you buy anything! At least one person in your group should have a copy of a rulebook players handbook for the game system you are playing.

Where do I buy dice, games, or other accessories?
Your friendly local game stores are the best place for gaming supplies. You can buy dice, gaming books, and more, while getting to know local gamers who may be willing to run games for you or play in yours! You can also find gaming supplies online. Some publishers offer discounts on their product if you buy directly through their websites as well.

Can kids play role-playing games?
Yes!  There are a number of kid-friendly game systems. Epyllion and No-thank-you-evil are two of our favorites.

I’m interested in role-playing, but I’m not into fantasy like Dungeons and Dragons…what other options are there?
Fantasy is only one of many genres of game. There are games based in science fiction, horror, detective stories, superheroes, historical narratives, map-building, and games based on popular television shows, movies, or books. If you can think of a concept, there is probably a game for it.

How do I play an RPG?
You will play a character, who will have their own past, needs and wants, and goals. You simply listen to the GM tell you about the world and events/people in it, and then respond by telling them what you are doing. Your character may have some special skills to use that enhance your chances of success at any given action, but you are generally not limited to a specific set of tasks. You can do whatever you imagine.

How do I run an RPG?
The first step is to find a game you are interested in, and buy the materials necessary (books, PDFs, etc.) You’ll need to print out some character sheets, and it helps to have a supply of dice of various types (D4s, D6s, D8s, D10s, and D20s are most common.) Read through the rules thoroughly.  You can purchase pre-made stories or create your own. After that, you’ll need to get some players together, agree on a place and time to play, and you’re ready to go!

How do I win/lose an RPG?
Generally, role-playing games are not as much about winning or losing, but having fun telling a story together. Success Is awesome, but failure can be entertaining. The only surefire way to lose at an RPG is to ruin other players fun.

Why should I play role-playing games? Role-playing games are a great way to meet new friends, bond with old friends, and create fantastic memories. Role-playing also teaches creative problem solving, social skills, leadership, patience, and empathy.

Where can I get more information about role-playing games? The internet has a number of resources to learn about role-playing, including publisher websites, blogs, podcasts, and more. Your friendly local game store is another great resource. Both the staff and customers are generally enthusiastic to help new players out!

Where do I find players for my game? Your friendly local game store is a good resource to find players. Some have community boards where you can post your contact information and schedule sessions. There are many places online as well that host groups for playing in-store, at a private home, or even online via Skype or gaming services like Roll20.  Gaming conventions like Arizona Game Fair are a good way to meet players as well.