Arizona Game Fair Splash flyer

Arizona Game Fair Splash

Ready to escape the heat? Arizona Game Fair is proud to host SPLASH, a summer gaming gathering with two special events including the return of Tabletop Traders, our buy, sell, trade flea market. You can attend both or just one. See details below

Tabletop Traders – buy, sell, trade
9am – Noon

Our buy, sell and trade flea market is back! Shop for board games and related items at this air conditioned event.

Open game night with AZGF library
12:30pm – 11pm

After the flea market, we will host open gaming with a selection of games from the Arizona Game Fair library. 

How to attend

When – July 23
Where – Mesa Convention Center – Building A – 263 N Center St, Mesa 85201

Tabletop Traders – Doors open to buyers at 9 am, see details below
Reserve a seller’s table for Tabletop Traders – $25 (online only) SOLD OUT
Attend Tabletop Traders as a buyer – $5 (at the door only)

Open gaming – Doors open at 12:30 pm
Attend open gaming: $10 (At the door) 

Open game night

After the flea market is over we will open up the hall for gaming with a large selection of games from the Arizona Game Fair library. The cost to attend is $10. Tickets can be purchased online (see below) or at the door. 

  • We are limiting seating to 200 people.
  • Doors open at 1pm and close at 11pm.
  • There will be raffles, giveaways, and prizes.
  • No outside food will be allowed.

Game library – We will be bringing a selection of the most recent and popular games from the library for attendees to check out. 

Tabletop Traders - buy, sell, trade

Our board game flea market is BACK. From 9am – Noon we will host up to 30 tables where buyers and sellers can connect to buy, sell or trade games from their personal collections. All proceeds going to purchase new games for the Arizona Game Fair game library.

Seller’s tables – $25 (SOLD OUT)
Entrance fee – $5 (at the door, cash or card)


We will begin selling entry tickets to Tabletop Traders at 8:30 am and allow buyers to enter at 9 am. The cost to enter will be $5, cash or card will be accepted. No refunds will be provided.

  • Please remember that most sellers will require cash.
  • All purchases are with the individual seller. Check your games before you purchase!
  • While we will keep track of bad sellers, Arizona Game Fair is not responsible for anything going wrong with the sale.
  • No outside food. Water and small snacks allowed. There are water fountains at the event. 

Yes, you can bring games to trade. Please follow these rules.

  • Each buyer will be allowed one bag of games to trade. No wheeled carts or luggage.
  • No camping at a location to sell games. If you have games you want to sell, please reserve a sellers table.
  • No soliciting allowed. Please do not bother the buyers or sellers or distribute flyers or other material
  • We reserve the right to remove buyers from the event. 

Sellers (SOLD OUT)

We will have 30 tables available for sellers that will be sold first come first served. Use the button below to reserve your table. The cost is $25. Refunds are available until 2 weeks before the event. 

  • NO RETAILERS. Used, personal items only.
  • A seller’s table allows for one seller and a guest.
  • Setup will begin at 8am. You must be set up by 9am. Your table will be given away if you are not at the event by 8:45 am.
  • We will provide a few carts, but suggest you bring your own
  • NO outside tables, chairs or other furniture. Only your games, bags and carts will be allowed in.
  • 1 table per person, tables are 5ft rounds.
  • All items must fit on the table or below table, all aisles must be clear
  • You may store and sell games from under the table
  • No shelves, banners, audio broadcasting
  • Items for sale must be related to tabletop gaming
  • Tables MUST be clear by 12:30 pm. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse or remove sellers.
Questions? Contact us at

Game donations

Arizona Game Fair will be accepting game donations for our library at the event. Please bring them to the front desk. We are looking for new and classic games that are in good condition. We will incorporate the ones we can use into the game library, other games will be sold to buy new and popular games. The donation is NOT tax deductible. 

Health and safety

Masks are recommended, but not required at this event.