Thank you for your interest in Arizona Game Fair. Applications for sponsors and exhibitors are being excepted on our Tabletop Events registration site.

If you don’t see something that meets your needs please contact us.

Arizona Game Fair is the largest tabletop gaming convention in Arizona. Attendance has grown to 1,200 attendees in just three years. As always we are dedicated to providing the best gaming experience in Arizona. 

If you have questions contact us at


This year we are moving all of the exhibitor booths and tables into the main hall with all the open and scheduled gaming. Booths and tables are limited and will be sold first come, first served. We have sold out every year so please plan early.

Booth $400 – SOLD OUT
A full corner booth for the duration of the convention. Great for retailers and publishers. Booths will have exhibitor hours. Security will be provided for booths outside of exhibitor hours.  

10 ft x 10 ft corner space in the main gaming hall.
Pipe and drape.
1 table, 2 chairs.
4 exhibitor passes. Extra badges can be purchased for $35.
Large logo, link on website
Large logo, link in convention program
Promotion on social media and email list
Exhibitor hours, booth security

Demo/Artist Table $200 – LIMITED AVAILABILITY
A reserved table for the duration of the convention. Great for game demos, artists, small publishers, small retailers. Demo tables can be open at anytime during the convention, but the owners will be responsible for merchandise left on the table. All merchandise must fit on the table. Promotional backdrops are permitted. We have tables in the Main Hall, RPGs, and Miniatures. We also have tables in the hallway between the Main Hall and RPG area. 

8ft table, 2 chairs
Demo tables will not be secured and can be run at anytime
2 exhibitor badges
Small logo, link on website
Small logo, link in convention program
Promotion on social media and email list.



As the largest tabletop gaming event in the state, Arizona Game Fair sponsorships are a great way to gain brand recognition. Here are some ways to make your brand stand out. Applications for sponsors are being excepted on our Tabletop Events registration site.

Volunteer T-Shirt Sponsor $150 – SOLD OUT
Your logo will feature on the back our staff and volunteer shirts. Limit 6.

Lanyard Sponsor $500 – SOLD OUT
Have your company name hanging from the neck of every attendee to Arizona Game Fair.

Tournament Sponsor
Provide prize of $25, $50 or $100 for any of the many tournaments we will be running this year. Your name, logo and item will be featured before, during and after the event.

Library Sponsor ($100 or game donation)
The Arizona Game Fair library is a great place to help sponsor our event. Donated games will be spotlighted in the library during the event. And your Logo and link will be added to for 1 year.

Library donations should be sent to

Arizona Game Fair
2415 W. Broadway #41295
Mesa, AZ 85274 US

Reserve your spot by contacting Andrew at 602-295-0064.

Other opportunities

We are open to your sponsorship ideas. Contact Andrew at 602-295-0064 or info at