Tabletop gaming is seldom a solitary activity, and we believe that looking out for one another is important for our community to thrive.
So, while the CDC has decided to drop its masking recommendation for Maricopa County, we will still be requiring masks during the 2022 Arizona Game Fair.
This was not an easy decision.
We recognize that large parts of our community now feel comfortable attending large events without a mask. We also understand that masking is something most are ready to get past.
Our decision is based on a couple of factors.
Residents from across the state attend and work at Arizona Game Fair, and most of Arizona still has a high transmission rate for COVID-19. We know this is changing, but not quick enough given the timing of our show.
We are also being considerate to the members of our community with increased vulnerability to COVID-19 and/or reduced vaccine protection due to health conditions or medications that compromise their immune system, which includes members of our staff. Many of these attendees made plans to attend based on our earlier requirement.
Arizona Game Fair is committed to ensuring that our event is inclusive and welcoming to all who share our passion for tabletop gaming. We want to foster a community that cares about each other.
We do that together this year by asking everyone to wear a mask.

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